Melatropin™ User Guide

Melatropin Dosage Chart

Example Dosage Cycle

Week 1 - 2: 4 capsules taken every day
Week 3 - 5: 3 capsules taken every day

Maintenance Dosage

Maintenance dosing is used to maintain a tan for an extended period of time. This consists of taking smaller daily dosages for as long as desired.

Maintenance dosages range from 1 to 2 capsules daily.

Dosage Instructions

Melatropin™ dosages range from 1 to 4 capsules. It is given once per day and often taken with a meal.

How to Take Melatropin™

Melatropin™ is administered orally. This means that it is taken by mouth in capsule form.

Effective dosages can vary.

For example, if more tanning effects are desired, the dose can be increased slightly. If tanning too rapidly, the dose can be decreased.

If getting too dark while taking Melatropin is a concern, start with a lower dose.

Melatropin™ is a minimally effective sunless tanning agent. The amount of sun or UV exposure will affect the speed at which each person tans while taking Melatropin™.