Melatropin™ Dosages and Example Cycle

Melatropin™ is very easy to use. 1 to 4 pills taken once daily is all that most people will need to get a deep, natural tan.

The main factor affecting dosage is the individual’s skin tone before taking Melatropin™. As a general guideline, the lighter your skin is, the higher your dosage will be. This means that those with very pale skin will usually see best results with 3 to 4 pills daily, and those with medium complexions can get great results with 1 to 2 pills per day. At the same time, if the goal is to attain a bronzing effect rather than a very dark tan, those with fair skin can start with 1 to 2 pills per day to avoid tanning too rapidly.

Now that we’ve covered simple dosing, let’s take a more in-depth look at some advanced strategies for taking Melatropin™, along with an example cycle as a guide.

Advanced Dosage Protocols

For advanced Melatropin™ users and those who require particularly deep, dark tans for professional purposes (bodybuilding contests, fitness modeling, etc.), dosage protocols can be expanded and split into two distinct phases. These phases are: (1) loading and (2) maintenance.

The amount of Melatropin™ taken per day will vary with the phase of dosing protocol at which the individual is. This typically ranges from 4 or more capsules daily in the loading phase to 2 capsules daily in the maintenance phase. Importantly, exceeding 4 capsules per day is only recommended for advanced users and large individuals. Typically, female dosages will not exceed 4 capsules daily.

In clinical study, dosage protocols utilized twice daily administration (2 capsules taken 2 times per day). However, this is not necessary - once daily dosing is sufficient for optimal results.

Example Melatropin™ Cycle

Below is an example of an advanced Melatropin™ dosage cycle. As it exceeds 4 capsules daily in the second half of the loading phase, it is not recommended for new users.

Loading Phase:

  • Week 1 to 3: 4 capsules once daily
  • Week 4 to 6: 6 capsules once daily

Maintenance Phase:

  • Week 7-End (as long desired): 2 capsules once daily

Loading Phase

In this example, the cycle begins with 4 capsules once daily. All 4 capsules are taken in the morning with a meal.

After 3 weeks, the dose increases to 6 capsules per day (still taken with breakfast in the morning). This increase is intended to put the finishing touches on an already deep, dark tan; for example, for a bodybuilding contest or photo shoot. Importantly, if satisfactory results are already being achieved with 4 capsules daily, there is no need to increase the dose further.

Next, continue taking the effective dose once daily until the desired skin shade is attained. In the example cycle above, this occurs at 6 weeks, but this phase may be continued if further skin darkening is desired.

Remember: Melatropin™ is a minimally effective sunless tanning agent. This means that the amount of sun or UV exposure will affect the speed at which individual tan is achieved. Followers of this advanced protocol should continue with their normal sunbathing or tanning bed routines for optimal, rapid results.

Maintenance Phase

Now that the desired tan has been achieved, the dose is lowered to 2 capsules taken once daily. This begins the maintenance phase.

Even with very little sun exposure, maintenance dosing can help individuals keep their tan for significantly longer than would be possible without Melatropin™. This phase can be sustained for as long as the continued effect is desired.

Some prefer to limit their cycles to a few months, beginning another cycle only after giving the body a short break from continued administration. This practice is not a necessity, but it may help avoid any desensitization to Melatropin’s effects over the long term, ensuring it remains 100% effective at promoting a deep, rapid tan.

To Recap:

Advanced Melatropin™ dosage cycles have 2 phases. The first phase is a loading phase, where a larger dose of 4 or more capsules is taken until the desired tan is achieved. Phase 2 is the maintenance phase, where a lower dose of 2 capsules is taken so as to maintain the preferred skin tone. Advanced protocols are not necessary for all users, and most can get great results with a simple dosage of 1 to 4 capsules a day, depending on skin tone.

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